Healbe GoBe Automatic Calorie Water Intake Counter Fitness Tracker Band (Discontinued)

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Are you tired of the ordinary fitness trackers that make you log every calorie or glass of water consumed? Not anymore, with the Healbe GoBe fitness band, it automatically tracks calories, water intake, stress, and even sleep patterns. Made from water proof material, you can take this just about anywhere you go! Healbe GoBe Automatic Calorie Water Intake Counter Fitness Tracker Band, the new generation of heath trackers. 


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Web, and Mobile App
  • Records Heart Rate, Water Intake, Calories, Sleep Quality, Stress Levels, and (Blood Pressure Beta Version)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wristband Fits All
  • Magnetic Charger

About the product:

  • TRACKS YOUR NET CALORIES AUTOMATICALLY - Typical calorie counting tools rely on averages and estimations from what you eat. Healbe’s patented FLOW Technology estimates the amount of carbs/fat/protein, net calorie deficit (which causes weight loss) or surplus (which causes weight gain) that are crucial for healthy weight management.

  • KNOW & LEVERAGE YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL - Patented technology measures activity and body movement. This sensor counts your steps, as well as distance traveled. A pulse wave sensor measures your heart rate, so it can tell when you’re active and when you’re not. By combining your activity level with calorie intake, the predicted calorie deficit is important for not starving yourself or overeating, both of which are crucial to avoid for reaching your desired body weight without losing lean body mass.

  • KNOW WHEN TO DRINK - Proper hydration is vital to your general health and workout performance. Your hydration level depends on your body requirements and activity level. Using FLOW and the Impedance sensor, Healbe GoBe2 automatically measures your hydration level and reminds you when to drink water, based on your body's needs.

  • KNOW & REDUCE YOUR SLEEP DEFICIT - The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your productivity, emotional balance, and weight. GoBe2 analyzes your heart rate and movement to model your waking, REM and regular sleep periods, and reports total sleep, quality of sleep, waking minutes, and sleep efficiency metrics. GoBE2 uses this data to recommend how much sleep you need the next day thus helping you actively reduce sleep deficit.

  • MANAGE YOUR STRESS – Stress is one of the silent killers in modern life, and one of the major factors for good sleep, good endurance and maintaining ideal body weight. The GoBe2 Fitness Tracker estimates your stress level and also shows stress episodes. By being aware of these episodes as they happen, one can begin to correlate the cause. It can be an especially powerful tool when combined with a professional stress management program.

How does it work?

1. After you eat, your body starts converting food into glucose.

2. Insulin triggers your cells to absorb glucose and release water.

3. The GoBe 2 measures these changes by sending high and low frequency signals through your tissue to determine the fluid volume of your cells.

What’s In The Box?

  • GoBe2 Fitness Tracker
  • Battery Charing USB Cable
  • Charging Dock
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Compatible With:

  • Apple 
  • Android
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