“I wanted to personally thank you for producing such a great product! In Sacramento, Ca I was jogging along the remote American River trail, and came across three obvious transients who tried to assault me. After purchasing one of your wild fire pepper sprays from www.deluxecctv.com with the elastic band for easier carrying, I never had it out of my grip when running since I was afraid of wild animals and wanted protection. I never thought I would have to use it on a human. When three thugs blocked my path, one of them wielding a knife, I went into defense mode and immediately laid out a fog and reversed my direction. When I heard the coughing and gagging I turned around to see three very harmless bodies on the ground gasping for air, while one crawled to the water’s edge. I can only imagine what would have happened had I not been carrying my can of wild fire self defense spray. YOUR PRODUCT WORKS!!!”
Sherry Winters, San Diego, California
“One night, my Yorkie and I decided to take a walk around the block. In the darkness of the night we rounded a corner only to be surprised by two large dogs charging us at full speed with lips pulled back and teeth bared. With only seconds to react, I yanked my 10 lb. Yorkie into the air while simultaneously drawing my animal repellant spray from my waistband. The spray came out of the holster quickly and almost in an instant the safety was off. As the two 80 lb. dogs started to attack, I pulled the trigger and stopped them as if they had hit a brick wall. Last seen the two dogs were turning somersaults and rubbing their muzzles in the grass. Around the block or in the Colorado high country, we don't go anywhere without your animal repellant spray. My Yorkie (Fred) and I want to thank you for saving his life and saving me from a serious mauling. Your pepper spray products are our best friend. “
Rick Mangus Aspen, CO
"I wish to thank you and your staff for such an efficient and pleasant working relationship. I’ve called several times in the past couple of weeks and everyone is so helpful, polite and accommodating.  It really is a pleasure working your with company."
Stacey Goldman Watertown, NY
"Thank you so much for keeping us posted on all of the changes and additions. What a great company and great service you provide."
Sandra Burk Dallas, TX
Affordable method for making sure my babysitter was doing things right.  Thank you, from a single Mom.  Will surely tell my friends about the Hidden Clock DVR Camera.
Beth Harper Jacksonville, FL
“Your hand held voice recorder really helped my golf game.  I simply narrate my game, hole by hole, and then play it back later when I'm relaxing back at home.  I'm not a pro or anything...just forgetful more than most folks.  Sure does grab attention from other players - I've pushed a few in your direction over the last six months.”
Chad Burton Salt Lake City, UT
“What can I say, my two boys are busted and they think that I am some kind of a wizard.  They still don't know how I found out their bad habits, but our house is regaining some "lawfulness" quickly!  Thanks to your Keyboard Key Stroke Logger, I still feel like I am in control of my boys. Thank you so much.”
Janet Steins, Flushing, NY
“Great products, great service, and I caught my husband cheating on me with another woman. I can finally put the suspicion behind me and move on. Thanks so much!”
Nancy Thomas, Boise, ID
“Great product line and fastest shipping I've ever seen.  I actually received my tracking number within an hour of ordering. I thought it was an error, until it was delivered in record time.  I will be returning for more products shortly.”
Dan Miller Elmer, NJ
“The kids never knew what hit them.  Now we know who the mysterious phone calls were going to - needless to say they have stopped completely.  The best thing is that we were away for the weekend when we set up the 130 hour voice recorder.  You should be getting orders from our friends and neighbors about now.  Well deserved!”
Jennifer Kerns Medford, OR
“Finally caught my neighbor’s cat walking all over my car creating scratch marks. I showed him the VHS tape showing his cat walking all over my car at 6:00 AM.  Shot the video from inside the garage through a tiny hole that I drilled.  I was skeptical on a Hidden Camera, but not now.  No more cat tracks on my car...period. Thanks for your great product!”
Dan Harris
“You never heard obscene language or disrespect until you give out a few hundred speeding tickets.  Now they can simply speak into my external microphone. The mini DVR recorder paid for itself quickly.  It is no longer "my word against theirs" when we step into traffic court...the proof is already in my pocket.  Highly recommend to other law enforcement officers to settle common disputes that you know all too well.  You're on the right track, keep me informed of new products - PLEASE!”
John Freeze Montgomery, AL
Several months ago my company purchased a number of "multi-camera" dome cameras from Deluxe CCTV.  For the price, I was very impressed with these high quality-vandal proof dome cameras.  I was also impressed with the speed and technical knowledge I found with a technical inquiry about these cameras.  A number of these camera's have been deployed and are working flawlessly.  Thanks for all your help Deluxe CCTV Staff!
Jeff Poolman Baudette, MN
I have purchased several CCTV cameras and camera accessories from your company over the last couple of years. I am very satisfied with the quality, price and service I have received from your company. Thank You!
Steve Burkholder, Pro Source Telecom Lima, Ohio

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