Wireless WiFi Smoke Detector IP Internet Network DVR Camera


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This Wireless IP Smoke Detector Camera Can Send Live Video In Realtime Over the Local Network and the Internet. 


This smoke detector covert Camera Has The Capability Of Recording and Viewing Live Video From Any Computer via the Local network or the internet. There Is A Software Included That Makes It Easy To Install the camera and Setup the network. This Software Can Be Configured To Watch and Record Up to 32 Cameras Remotely.



• All Modern Technologies & Features all in one
• Extremely Covert, No SD Card slot, No WiFi broadcasting ID, No Cat5 Jack
• 1280x720 HD Camera for best image quality
• 16GB onboard video storage will record video for playback
• WiFi IP Cameras viewed live & Playback by Local PC or Mobile Devices
• Cloud Camera viewed live & Playback by Internet PC or Mobile Devices
• Onboard Access Point for connecting the camera without a WiFi network
• Very easy to setup for internet viewing and playback for any customer
• 100% Plug and Play for onboard video recording to any customers
• Powerful software lets all customers fully manage the camera easily
• Very affordable price to compete with global competition
• Ease of Use: Cloud Technologies makes setup internet viewing and playback Very easy.
• Resolution: 720p HD Ultra Clear 1280x720p resolution
• Alerts: Mobile motion detect alerts from Mobile App straight to your mobile device.
• Accessibility: Built-in Access Point for connecting to the camera without a WiFi network
• WiFi Ability: Connects to your WiFi network, Wi-Fi(IEEE802.11b/g/n.
• Storage: 16GB Internal Video Storage, can be upgrade to 32GB or 64GB.
• Covert: Very Covert, small pinhole, No SD Card slot, No WiFi SSID, No RG-45 Jack.
• Local View: Can be viewed live & access Playback by Local PC or Mobile Devices.
• Internet View: Can be viewed live & access Playback by Remote PC or Mobile Devices.
• Affordability: Very affordable price to compete with global competition
• Made and supported in the United States

Easy to setup:

1. Plug in the power, wait 60 secs. Download the Mobile App while your wait.
2. Search for the camera's SSID in your smartphone's Available WIFI.
3. Open the Mobile App, enter your router's WIFI settings.
4. Finished. Enjoy viewing live and playback anywhere in the world.


• Model: Non Functional Smoke Detector
• Image sensor: 1/4" 1MP CMOS
• Compression: H.264
• Image resolution: 1280*720
• Min. Illumination: 0.5 Lux
• White Balance: Auto
• Frame Rate: 25fps(720P), 30fps(VGA)
• Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi(IEEE802.11b/g/n)
• Day/night: Switch IR-Cut Light Filter Switch (N/A on this model, Select models only)
• IR Light Qty: 10 pieces LED lights (N/A on this model, Select models only)
• Network Trans: Imbedded with Cloud Transmission Protocol
• Working RH:From 10% to 90%
• Working Temperature: From -20C to 55C



Deluxe CCTV Inc. does not support the illicit use of camera devices, or any other device we sell. This product is offered for the express purpose of securing personal items or company property, and ensuring the safety of individuals with their consent. This is a Non functional smoke detector and is not to be used as a safety or life saving device. 

  • Jennifer S
    5 out of 5

    Caught my husband in the act and I put those sneaking suspicions to rest. Without you guys and your product, I would have never been able to sleep at night. Thanks guys!

  • Chris
    5 out of 5

    Sweet product guys, thanks for the fast shipping!

  • Tom W
    5 out of 5

    This product is amazing and is very covert.

  • Lindsey
    5 out of 5

    This product is better than expected, it preforms like it should and has a great picture! Thanks for keeping my kids safe.

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