Functional Hardwired Electrical Wall Light Switch With Wifi 4K UHD Camera


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This hardwired fully functional electrical wall light switch with a Wifi 4K UHD camera replaces your existing light switch and is simple to setup.

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This patent pending hardwired fully functional electrical wall light switch with a Wifi 4K UHD camera replaces your existing light switch and is simple to setup. You can view it live, playback, or change settings in super high 4K HD resolution using your smart device. You can even save the data to the included 128GB external memory card, or via your smart phone all through the free smartphone app. 

Easy to install, simply replace your existing light switch with this one, download the free app, then connect the Wifi to your phone and you are all set! With no flashing lights or sounds, it makes it the perfect item for anyone looking for extra security. 

No Wifi? No problem. Simply record to the provided 128GB SD card which you can then remove and plug into any computer to review the files. No Wifi required with the SD card option. (128GB SD Card included)

The best part is, this unit is powered by your existing 110V, so there is no need to replace batteries ever. Professional installation is recommended. Faceplate is removable, so this can be installed into any wall electrical box such as a switch with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 switches. 

Fully-Functional Device - All aspects of this device are fully functional which includes the light switch. 

Wifi Live Video - Not at the location? Not to worry, with this device, you can stream live video right to your smartphone using the free included app. 

Alert Settings - Set alerts through your app to alert you via email or through the app when the unit has detected motion. 

128GB Micro SD Card Included - We include a free 128GB micro SD card to ensure that everything you need is right in one box and ready to go! (A $50.00 Value)


  • View and Record Live stream on Android or iOS smartphones
  • Save Data To The included Micro SD Card (30 minutes per 1GB)
  • Motion Detection
  • Alerts via Email or Phone App
  • Able to Operate in Low Light (1 lux or greater)
  • Phone App (LookCam)

Technical Specs:

  • Adjustable Video Resolution: 4K, 1080P, 720P
  • Recording Modes: Continuous Video and Motion Detection
  • Viewing Angle: 90°
  • Storage: External MicroSD Card up to 128GB* (Class 10)
  • Power Supply: 350MA/3.7V
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Dimensions: 3” W x 2.5 D x 4.5" H


  • 1 x Light Switch 
  • 1 x 128GB MicroSD Card
  • 1 x MicroSD Reader
  • 1 x Instruction Booklet

Compatible With:

  • Mac OS 10 and up
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Apple iOS 7 and up
  • Linux

  • Carl
    5 out of 5

    I was concerned at first that this wouldn't fit into my wall box, but it fits perfect. Can't tell this is a camera, just looks like it's missing a screw which is not a big deal. Caught the caretaker abusing my father. Now we can know for sure what was going on.

  • Henry M
    5 out of 5

    Got this switch yesterday and works really well. Picture is very clear as expected and the viewing angle is much better than I would have thought. Perfect product!

  • Sean S
    5 out of 5

    I have been looking for this item to be developed for a while now. This is perfect to catch my wife in the act. Hopefully this proves me wrong. (Fingers crossed)

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