Hidden Cameras

Our hidden nanny security surveillance cameras blend into any environment wheather it be your home, business, or childs playroom, we have the right camera to meet your needs. Choose from over 250 self contained cameras including body worn cameras which can be worn or concealed on your body for those covert operations, household cameras for those jobs that require a little more care and can be concealed in just about anything including clocks, DVD cases, AC outlet adaptors, car key fobs, air purifiers, picture frames, and much more, or Wifi DVR cameras which can be connected to the internet and viewed live right from the comfort of your home or vaction spot.

There are many reasons to buy a self contained camera including catching a cheating spouse, keeping an eye on your sitter, making sure your employees are doing what they are supposed to when you're gone, or to simply keep an eye on your kids at home to make sure they are hanging out with who they say they are. We also customize our cameras into almost anything you can think of or a personal item you may have, so if you want a custom camera built to suit your needs, please call our toll free number at 1-888-742-4236

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