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The Pool Guardian Wifi pool alarm system with built in bluetooth music speaker is the latest and most advanced child anti drowning swimming pool alarm on the market.

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The Pool Guardian Wifi pool alarm system with built in bluetooth music speaker is the latest and most advanced child anti drowning swimming pool alarm on the market. 

This device meets the ASTM F2208 standard for inspection requirements. It improves on existing designs with features such as the most responsive sensitivity adjustment available on the market. And, it provides new convenience such as WiFi based app control, giving you the ability to control your pool alarm system from anywhere your phone has a data connection!


MEETS ASTM STANDARD F2208 FOR INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS- The Pool Guardian In-Pool Alarm System includes 2 swappable/interchangeable units.   

FULL CONTROL THROUGH THE FREE APP- Pool Guardian is setup, controlled, and monitored through the smartphone app. Alarm notifications are sent through the app in addition to both the indoor and outdoor units audibly alerting when an alarm is detected.

  • App features and functionality includes:
  • Set the alarm activation threshold (alarm sensitivity)
  • Acknowledge and clear alarm notifications
  • Arm / Disarm the alarm system
  • Turn Bluetooth Mode On / Off
  • Turn Hibernate Mode On / Off
  • View battery and signal levels for the Indoor and Outdoor Units
  • Name your alarm system (useful for people with multiple systems)
  • Set your time zone
  • View the alarm notification timeline
  • Configure your profile information (name, username, Email, reset password)
  • Setup and configure new devices
  • Setup your location / organization (useful for users with multiple locations)
  • Invite additional users to access the alarm system
  • Adjust notification preferences
  • Adjust interface preferences

WiFi BASED - Pool Guardian connects over your existing home WiFi network (2.4 GHz). After initial setup you can monitor your pool through the app from anywhere in the world with data connectivity!

DESIGNED IN USA, RUGGED AND DEPENDABLE- American designed which means we’ve really put a lot of though into the design and function of this unit.

EASY TO INSTALL, WORKS IN ANY POOL - Pool Guardian is easy to install with no modification to your pool required. Works with in ground pools, above ground pools, spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, garden ponds, and water features.

SWAPPABLE INDOOR AND OUTDOOR UNITS- Never leave your pool unmonitored because you have to charge batteries! Simply click "Swap" in the app and switch the indoor unit into the pool and bring the pool unit in and put it on the charger!

BLUETOOTH MUSIC - Use the pool unit as a Bluetooth speaker when you are swimming! (Note: Bluetooth mode turns off alarm. Alarm rearms when music streaming stops or when rearmed through the app).


  • (2) Swappable Floating Buoy Alarm (Interchangeable Indoor/Outdoor Units)
  • Micro-USB Charger Cable and AC Power Adapter
  • Suction Cup and Reflective Glow-In-The-Dark Tether (1 Meter)

How does it work?

Simple!  Follow the steps outlined in the Quick Start Guide.  After the initial setup is complete, the unit slowly flashing a teal / light blue LED light is your indoor unit.  This unit needs to be left plugged in, as it acts as the "communication base" and passes wireless data through your Wi-Fi network and communicates with the outdoor unit (see page 23 of the Owner's Manual for Indoor Unit Placement).  

The other unit is your outdoor (pool) unit.  Make sure that the charging port plug is inserted correctly (see Pages 25-26 of the Owner's Manual for details), and place this unit in the water.  Lightly bump the pool unit to trigger the alarm, then disarm the alarm through the app to clear the alarm.  You will want to test the Pool Guardian Pool Alarm System and adjust the alarm activation threshold to meet the needs of your pools environment.

Once you have adjusted the alarm activation threshold your alarm system is all set and ready! 

NOTEWe strongly recommend reviewing the Owner's Manual for additional information on the hardware, using the app, storage, safety, and more.

Will the pool alarm work while a removable pool cover is on?

The alarm will function with the pool cover on, but we recommend setting the Alarm Activation Threshold to its lowest and most sensitive level (1).  This is the most sensitive setting, and it will help to negate the added friction introduced by the cover and the water surface. Also note that the outdoor alarm will also be slightly muted by the cover. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly test functionality when used with a cover, as pool cover styles and thickness vary, directly affecting sensitivity. 

Will this work in a large fish pond, or will the movement of the fish trip the alarm?

Yes, this system will work in a coy pond but direct contact from the fish could cause false positives. You can adjust the sensitivity to try to reduce this. Also, you may try implementing a wire or mesh separation to eliminate direct contact of the Pool Guardian by the coy.

Is there a monthly subscription?

No, there is not.

What are the recommendations for pool size when using the Pool Guardian?

The manual states that “One Pool Guardian functions well with pools 16ft by 32ft (512 ft2) and smaller.”  It is recommended that you implement two or more systems if your pool is larger than this.

Does the system make a sound on the indoor unit or only on your phone? 

When an alarm is triggered, an audible alert occurs at:

  • The outdoor unit
  • The indoor unit
  • The app (depending on your phones notification settings)

See pages 39-40 of the Owner's Manual for additional information.

Please note: you are able to configure alerts on iOS and Android to your preference- including customizing your alert sound, vibe only, or no alert at all, if this is your preference.

Additionally, by leaving the indoor unit plugged in, it will be ready to go with a full charge when the outdoor units battery is low.  This way, your pool alarm system will always be powered up and ready!  

Can the alarm be turned off so it doesn't disturb my neighbors at night?

Yes.  Hibernation mode will disarm the system for 24 hours or until it is turned back on, whichever happens first.  See pages 37-38 of the Owner's Manual for more details.

Note; Use Hibernation mode responsibly and at your own risk.

How do you keep the unit from going into the filter box?

The Pool Guardian Pool Alarm System includes a tether line.  It is recommended to tie the pool unit to something or to use the included suction cup.  See page 27 of the Owner's Manual for further details.

Does the alarm need to be turned on & off manually if we're in the pool or done swimming?

You will need to disarm the system before using your pool.  You can manually rearm the system when you are done using your pool, otherwise the system will rearm itself after 20 minutes without disturbance.  See pages 21-36 of the Owner's Manual for additional details.

Will it alarm without Wi-Fi?

Yes, if it cannot connect to a network it will the alarm can still be triggered, causing the indoor and outdoor units to sound the alarm. However, the system works best with internet connectivity, since this allows for settings adjustments and control through the app.

Does the app alert you to movement in the pool if you're not home?

Yes, after the initial setup, you will receive alerts through the app no matter where you are, as long as your phone has data connectivity. You can also cancel alerts through the app, and turn off app notifications if you prefer.

My Bluetooth connection dropped off while I was playing music.

There is a known issue where the Bluetooth connection will drop if you are using an Android device and you turn the music to full volume.  We are working to correct this issue and expect to be able to send an update to correct this in the near future.

This device is intended for monitoring purposes only and is not a substitute for pool supervision, lifeguards, fences, gates, pool covers, locks, or any other safety measures.  The Pool Guardian may not detect gradual entry into the water and is not intended to prevent drowning.

This device is not intended to replace any other safety consideration; that is, adult supervision, lifeguards, fences, gates, pool covers, locks, and so forth, and some devices may not detect gradual entry.

NOTE: Dependability of the Pool Guardian Pool Alarm System is predicated on a quality Wi-Fi connection.  The indoor unit must be within range of your Wi-Fi network. The outdoor (pool) unit must be able to connect to the indoor unit.

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    5 out of 5

    I got this products because summer is here and we are traveling to numerous VRBO rentals. I can't say enough good things about this product. Very responsive, easy to use, and I love it has a built in speaker which I can bluetooth music to. I recommend to any parent who has a pool.

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