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The Photo Video Discovery Investigation Recovery Backup Stick (PVIK) is the quickest and easiest way for someone to scan a smartphone or computer for images & videos including pornographic content.

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The Photo Video Discovery Investigation Recovery Backup Stick (PVIK) is the quickest and easiest way for someone to scan a smartphone or computer for images & videos including pornographic content.

No tool can process a phone quicker than the Photo Investigation Kit. The multi compatible system is mounted onto a 1TB portable hard drive, allowing for storage of over 250 thousand images, if required.

Each time you scan a phone, the system will automatically create a unique folder for that specific phone/computer/device.

This tool is a real eye opener for any person who has spent time looking for images on a device. This system automates a labor intensive task and searches every available image gallery on a device.


  • Backup Images from any digital device – MAC/iPhone/Android/Windows/SD/USB Drives/APPS
  • Locates and backs up photos from 3rd party messaging applications like Facebook/WhatsApp/Wechat/Tiktok/Instagram
  • Universal Photo Backup System mounted onto 1TB portable case file drive + Porn Detection Stick
  • Automatic folder creation for every processed device
  • Backup and Investigate – Massive capacity to store up to 250k images
  • 1TB Case file drive – Massive capacity, improve workflow and use the Portable HDD for all digital content purposes
  • Use the 1TB drive to quickly copy content from surveillance tools and free up space, automatic capture using Photo Backup Stick
  • Backs up images and videos automatically
  • Use Porn Detection Stick to cross examine image backups and find unauthorized photos

How does this tool help in an Investigation?

Photo Backup Stick 1TB (PBS 1TB) – The only tool you need to perform the most advanced Image search & investigation on virtually any electronic device. Compatible with iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, Digital Photo Frames, SD Cards, Apps on cellphones with image galleries, or any drive or storage device on a computer.

Download all bookmarked content from all types of digital investigations directly onto the drive. Improve access to your gathered evidence and enhance your workflow.

The Photo Backup Software on the 1TB Case file drive is an extremely useful tool for getting EYES ON a targets digital day to day.

Photo Backup Stick enables investigators to get a complete copy of every image and video on a device.

If the device has 3rd party apps with image galleries inside the app, get copies of those images.

Investigators can easily duplicate a copy of the content and transfer it to a USB drive or even upload to a file sharing service for clients and colleagues to review.


Magnify every Image you find

Get a magnified view of every image. No need to keep the target device once backup is complete. Once you have gathered the data, time to begin investigating it.

Review all of the backed up content without needing further access to the target device. In some cases you may have backed up a few thousand images. That’s going to take a PI some time to investigate fully, the magnified view you get using the PBS is crucial to spotting the things that will break your case, it is really simple, imagine viewing the image on a tiny phone screen and compare that to viewing the same images on a large PC screen.

With this kit you get full EYES ON your targets digital footprints.


Advance your Evidence gathering using the Porn Detection Stick

When you have performed a backup from any digital device using the Photo Backup Stick 1TB, CROSS EXAMINE the discovered content using the Porn Detection Stick (PDS). Utilizing these two automated searches will drastically save you precious time.

The Porn Detection Stick will only work with Windows OS but by using the Photo Backup Stick to backup content from virtually any digital device, you are then making that content available for audit with the Porn Detection Stick through connection of both devices into a PC.

Point your Porn Detection Stick towards the Photo Backup Stick, content, and scan for illicit content.

Supplied with an easy to carry case. Can be easily and safely transported for use whenever you see the need to take your case digital.


Who uses the Photo Investigation kit (PIK)?


Private Investigation Agencies
PIK is designed for digital discovery purposes. Investigators are a key industry for this kit as they can use the PIK on virtually all types of cases. Every type of investigation now has some form of digital footprint. Getting access to the devices of your targets will almost always provide some form of digital discovery which can help find the answers you are looking for.

Great tool for Investigators as the professional methods and advanced image searching techniques means you will always find more content than a manual inspection of a device. The advanced illicit image scanning using the Porn Detection Stick provides two highly valuable investigative reports very quickly and more efficiently than a manual device inspection can ever do.


Schools & Colleges

The PIK can be used in schools and colleges to help stamp out cyber bullying. Children and young adults using phones in education facilities could be bound to provide their phones for processing if a school or college initiated an agreement in their admissions process which provided them with the ability to examine and inspect phones which could be being used for purposes deemed unsavory by the school or college.


Corporate Investigations

The need for workplaces to be digital sanitized regularly is greater than ever. Overdependence on digital devices means digital footprints and when things are happening in the workplace which should not be, this can lead to some of the worst problems a company can wish for. Relevant parties within organizations such as HR and Compliance managers and stake holders can digitally protect their workplaces and digital devices by incorporating this easy to use extremely effective kit into their compliance protocols.

Compatible With:

Photo Backup Stick

The Photo Backup Stick runs on Windows 7, 8, or 10 as well as Mac OS 10.12 or newer. For direct backups on Android devices, the device must support OTG connections. For direct backups from Apple iOS devices, you must have the Photo Backup Stick Universal version. For iPads with USB-C connections, you must backup by connecting the iPad and stick to a computer.

Porn Detection Stick

  • Works on any storage media formatted as FAT or NTFS
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

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