Cloakey Online Computer Internet Browser Privacy Anti Track Stick

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Browse the internet securely and privately anywhere without having to worry if you are being monitored or tracked with our new Cloakey online computer privacy anti track stick.

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Browse the internet securely and privately anywhere without having to worry if you are being monitored or tracked with our new Cloakey online computer privacy anti track stick.

The Cloakey stick is different from using a private browser which still can track you. All mainstream websites track data whenever we use the internet. Our every move and activities are being tracked, whether it’s a big data company, employer or something more sinister.

Internet companies track your online habits because they want to learn about your interests in order to show advertisements which they believe will be suited to you. This happens all the time now and it’s the main driver for internet companies to show you ads which have the best chance of providing a sale to their client, the advertiser.

Internet Privacy has become a big talking point for a while, all the big internet browsing companies are visibly making every effort to assure users they have privacy protocols in place to protect every users right to privacy, whilst this is great, are you sure the companies who have benefited from learning all about its users, suddenly wants to stop learning?

Most employers maintain some form of IT system and this helps keep track of an employee’s computer activity, internet history, time spent on certain websites – it’s all tracked.

Aside from big data companies and employers tracking user activities, internet users need protection from the biggest threat:

Cyber criminals rely on regular folks to trust their devices, save passwords to their devices and behave as though cybercrime does not exist and everything you do online is safe.

30% of US citizens fell victim to some form of Cyber-crime in 2021.

Cyber-crimes are mostly initiated to commit some form of Fraud, fraudsters are looking for ways to gain your personal data, passwords, banking info, the main focus is to steal from victims.

Identity Theft, Romance scams, Phishing emails and even something that appears harmless such as Spamming, these are just a few of many ways online fraudsters are actively seeking commit frauds online.

How it works:

Cloakey allows users to become anonymous online.

Simply insert Cloakey into any Windows PC and launch Private Internet browsers directly from the USB, this method ensures you do not utilize any trackable network sources.

Even if you are at work on a work computer, you can insert Cloakey into the USB port and perform internet searches without any type of digital monitoring being able to track what you are doing.

  • Cloakey has some other useful tools inside to help keep you safe online and protect yourself from cybercrime.
  • Use the built in password protected password manager to store all of your passwords for all websites you visit.
  • Make a record of important information on the Cloakey using the notepad app.
  • Cloakey is designed to allow everyone to use the most private internet browsing tools available, no subscriptions, the most secure access to the most secure internet browsing tools forever.
  • The Cloakey USB is designed to fit on a keychain. Wherever you go, Cloakey goes with you.


  • Complete Online Privacy Anywhere
  • USB Based Privacy App Launcher
  • Encrypt Your Drive for Ultimate Security
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11*
  • Browse the Internet without being Monitored
  • Defeats Computer Network Surveillance
  • Bypass Censored Websites
  • Stops your online activities from being Tracked
  • Built in Password Manager with Password Protection

Encrypt Your Cloakey for Ultimate Security

Cloakey has the option to encrypt your entire Cloakey USB drive to protect your data. This allows you to feel confident in importing your saved usernames and passwords for websites. Even if your Cloakey is lost or stolen, you can rest assured that no one can access its contents.

Please note that encryption is only available on versions of Windows that support BitLocker encryption.

Important User Groups Include:


Investigators have been using private browsers for a long time, the first people to utilize privacy browsers were Law Enforcement Agencies.

The benefits of keeping your research anonymous for investigations is critical, showing your hand too early your case can be exposed to risks such as:

  • Destruction of evidence
  • Collaboration of witnesses
  • Disappearance of funds linked to a crime
  • Disappearance or lack of co-operation Key people like Witnesses


Researchers need privacy browsing solutions for the same reason as Investigations, sometimes a researcher may be researching something sensitive and using a privacy browser is the most sensible solution for this kind of research.


Employees using a computer linked to a network can easily bypass computer network surveillance and monitoring using Cloakey.

Employers/Business Owners

Employers are normally persons with significant control of a company, protecting company information is crucial for any business, whilst most threats come from external sources, sometimes you need to protect your company information from internal threats and even if you do not have such concerns, in the age of IOT, it is best practice to behave as if you do.

Compatible With:

  • PC Compatible
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Encryption Available on the following versions of Windows:
    • Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    • Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8 and 8.1.
    • Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows 10.
    • Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows 11.
    • Windows Server 2008 and later.

Note: Cloakeys that are encrypted on supporting operating systems may not be used on unsupported systems as they cannot open the encrypted drives. Do not utilize the encryption feature if you may need to use your Cloakey on an unsupported operating system.

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